SRE GROUP Companies

SRE GROUP was founded in 2013 by virtuosos, dreamers, and ambitious people.

Our management is working hard to expand our brand. The company has its representatives – PR managers in several countries of the world. According to the successful projects where the author is the founder of our company Takhir, the company concluded long-term agreements for the production of full-length feature films with large companies of Hollywood. SRE GROUP is an independent producing center with several directions. The primary activity of the company is cinematography, searching and producing new talents in the sphere of cinema and music. As well, the company is actively developing projects for the management of various levels to the present day, held more than 40 events.

The quite scale pictures of contemporary cinematography are associated only with one place on the planet – by Hollywood. Actually, Hollywood is “the native place” of the most known and several oldest motion picture studios of the world, which let out on the large screen more than 70% of the world rental films, as well as a place that, which realized dreams of hundreds of once novices, and now – world famous, actors and the professionals of the film industry.

We cooperate with the world’s largest companies in the sphere of cinema and music industry. Nowadays, we are shooting a full-length feature film, the premiere of which is planned for the summer of 2019. A new project, the RISING TALENTS 2019 International Vocalists’ Festival, will be launched in February this year.